how to make simple barometer

How to make barometer

Basics of Barometer

The device used for measuring the atmospheric pressure is called a barometer. In other way you can say aneroid (air) barometer. Why don’t you make one yourself and see how it works and let’s measure the atmospheric pressure. Here you will learn how to make barometer at home step by step in simple way. The barometer is a very useful device is used to measure the atmospheric pressure. We will built this project form very cheap and household things.

how to make barometer

Let’s make aneroid (air) weather barometer

Things you’ll need

  • Rubber balloon
  • Glass jar
  • Rubber band
  • Glue
  • Straw
  • Marker pen
  • Card board
  • Needle / Pin
  • Tape
  • scissors

Step 1 – Cut the neck of balloon

To make a simple barometer take simple air balloon and cut the neck of the balloon. Make sure that opening of the balloon should be larger that can fit on the jar which you have select for barometer.

Step 2 – Set balloon over the jar

how to make barometer

Use your hands to stretch and pull the opening of the balloon. Then put it on the mouth of jar. Pull the balloon over the jar and remove the all stretch marks and wrinkles of the balloon.

  • When balloon is put over the jar mouth then stretch the balloon and fix on jar’s mouth using rubber band.
  • A glass jar is best for this project but you can use also metal can.
  • Whether you are using a glass jar or a metal can size doesn’t matter’s. But make sure that opening should not larger then the size of the rubber balloon.

Step 3 – Stick the straw on the jar

how to make barometer

In this project we are using a straw as a indicator of the barometer. Cut the straw as per need and next we will stick on the balloon. To stick the straw on the glass jar we will use small amount of glue or you can use a super glue. Stick the straw on the jar in centre of the jar.

  • To stick the straw on the jar you can use a super glue, silicon glue is better for it, you can also use a glue stick also.
  • Before move stick let the glue dry on the jar.
  • For this type of barometer longer straw is better for it. You can long the straw by attaching other straw in it.

Step 4 – Attaching pointer

We are using a straw to indicate the air pressure of the atmosphere. But for little bit more accurate it we are attaching a sharp needle or pointer at the end of the straw. To attach the pointer at the end of the straw by using a glue or hot glue.

  • Make sure that needle or pointer which we are using to indicate the pressure not more heaver it should be lighter weight.
  • Pointer should be stick on the end of the straw by using super glue.

Step 5 – Make paper indicator

how to make barometer

To measure that how much pressure at outside we have to make indicator panel using paper card. Stick paper card on wall using tape roll or a glue. Mark on paper for high, medium and low pressure. At centre point we mark for medium point and for high pressure we mark for “high” for low pressure we mark for “low”.

  • Hard cardboard are ideally good for the marking purpose. Try to not use simple paper.
  • Pointer which we are using place it nearly close to the card board, but not touch to the card board.

Step 6 – Measure and record a pressure

Now our air type barometer is ready to measure a atmospheric air pressure. In case of the low air pressure the rubber balloon which we placed on the top of the jar will extend it’s area. As a resultant the pointer which is sticked on the balloon will show the lower point. In case of high air pressure the balloon which placed on jar will sink inside jar. As a resultant pointer will show the higher point.

  • You can compare it with respect to the internet weather data.
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